My future job at Apave

What if you were to get involved in meaningful work, within a company with a strong reputation, recognised for its technical expertise and the attention it pays to its employees?

By joining the Apave Group, you will be working every day to help our customers prevent and control their human, technical, environmental and digital risks.

By joining Apave, you will be helping to bring to life the Group's raison d'être: "Acting as a trusted player, for a safer, more sustainable world that is a source of shared progress".

Better still: at Apave, your talents and skills are expressed in a strong collective, where every day is dedicated to action through increasingly technical and exciting assignments.

My future job

Apave's job is to enable our customers to do theirs in complete safety. Apave is an international group with over 150 years of experience in risk management.
Our employees work at the request of our customers on regulatory and non-regulatory risk management assignments.


Apave offers services and expertise in: inspection, training, measurement testing, certification and labelling, consulting and technical support.

Whether it's a question of personal safety, site safety and compliance, environmental safety or digital security, Apave pursues its mission as a trusted third party for its customers.

Assess compliance, improve safety


Would you like to put your experience and technical expertise to work for safety? Then join our inspection teams! On behalf of our customers, you will assess the conformity of technical installations, equipment, structures, infrastructures and buildings, during their design, commissioning and operation. You ensure compliance with the regulations and standards in force.

Once you have completed your work, you will formalise your technical opinion in a report highlighting the risks detected, which will enable the customer to take the necessary action. 
You will also be involved in developing and monitoring the sales of your business.
You may be required to run training courses and carry out assignments combining technical expertise and risk analysis: safety audits, analysis of malfunctions and recommendations for improvements, monitoring the manufacture of new equipment, acceptance of installations before they are put into operation, etc. 

Discover your missions according to your technical specialities:

  • Electrical installations
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Pressure equipment
  • Welding and metallurgy
  • Thermal, energy and fluid installations
  • Radiation protection
  • Fire safety
  • Safety prevention
  • Technical building control
  • Property diagnostics
  • Building and civil engineering diagnostics and technical assessments
  • Health and safety coordination

Diversify and pass on your experience


Have you developed solid know-how in the field? Then become a trainer! You'll be able to pass on the experience you've gained from inspecting and supporting our customers.

We'll help you develop as a trainer and diversify your activities by leading and designing professional training courses. You'll work in our Apave training centres or at our customers' sites on specific courses for their staff.

It's no accident that Apave is the leading private training organisation in risk prevention and control! Apave owes its success to the skills of its technicians and engineers, who pass on their knowledge to thousands of trainees alongside their field assignments. So why not you?


Discover your missions according to your technical specialities:

  • Electrical certification
  • Machine driving (CACES)
  • Training for fire safety personnel (SSIAP)
  • First aid at work (SST)
  • Asbestos risk prevention
  • Technical skills
  • Introductory technical training in electricity, mechanics and heat engineering
  • Professional retraining for operators
  • Management and Quality Health Safety
  • Safety Management
  • Occupational risk prevention

Test and Measurement
Secure working environments, protect the environment


Would you like to contribute to the safety of facilities and equipment and protect the environment? Workplace hygiene (air quality, noise exposure, etc.), measurements of atmospheric emissions, water and soil quality, materials assessments, pre-market product testing, equipment testing and qualification, metrology - these are just some of the services provided by the specialist teams at Apave or its subsidiaries.

You carry out these sampling, measurement, analysis and testing operations, on site or in the laboratory, to assess the technical and environmental performance of our customers' facilities or products.

Using methodologies, you provide technical consulting on compliance with quality, safety and environmental standards.

Discover your missions according to your technical specialities:

  • Environmental measurement and analysis (air, water, soil, etc.)
  • Industrial hygiene (exposure to chemical risks, ventilation and sanitation of premises, etc.)
  • Acoustics and vibrations
  • Characterisation and assessment of metallic and plastic materials
  • Metrology
  • Product testing
  • Geotechnical and geophysical surveys and tests
  • Mine soundings

Consulting & Technical Support
Improve risk prevention


Would you like to help companies optimise their risk prevention policies to boost their performance? Then join us!

At our customers' sites, you'll be helping to improve the health and safety of employees, the security of installations and the prevention of environmental risks. 
You will support company managers in their risk assessment policies and systems, in their technical projects, and in their certification and progress initiatives. Always attentive to the issues they face, you will offer them appropriate technical support through diagnostics and risk analyses, action strategies and working methodologies, using a pragmatic approach. You carry out regulatory monitoring and analysis. You train your customers and ensure that your recommendations are properly implemented.


As a true project manager, you will be able to draw on the entire Apave network and expertise to provide a tailor-made response to your customers' needs.

Discover your missions according to your technical specialities:

  • Safety audits
  • Analysis of malfunctions
  • Follow-up of manufacturing and acceptance of installations before commissioning
  • Safety and performance of industrial installations
  • Environmental risk management and sustainable development (ICPE, polluted sites and soils, etc.)
  • Health and safety at work/hygiene
  • Organisational and management performance
  • Quality and change management

Certification and Labelling
Certify your equipment, products, skills and management systems

  • Certification of management systems
  • Certification of people and skills
  • Product certification
  • Certification of services
  • Evaluation, labels and private inspections


We are regularly looking for :

  • Project managers to manage and plan all our projects,
  • Certification managers to manage teams and take decisions,
  • Freelance third-party Quality, Safety and Environment auditors to work on our customers' sites...


Would you like to join a dynamic team in a rapidly expanding international business?

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For more than 60 years, we have been committed to supporting you to achieve industrial performance and the digitisation of proceeses. Our multi-skilled team is capable of effectively addressing all your risk management challenges.


We are seasoned professionals in our fields and we offer you high-level technical expertise to control technical, human, environmental, digital and technological risks. For more than 150 years, Apave's experts have been providing consultancy services and customised solutions to meet our customers' needs.


Our strong presence in Africa means we can quickly respond to all your requests, whatever your needs: inspection, training, consultancy, tests and measurement, etc.

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