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Certification of people & skills

Competency certification enables you to assess your skills, so that you can demonstrate your worth on the job market. At Apave, we are developing skills certifications in a number of technical professions: Boiler Operator, Welder, Air Conditioning Inspector, Data Protection Officer (DPO), Bientraitance Referent, etc. Our skills certificates are recognized by institutions. Our assessments are based on the latest training programs and are responsive to innovation and best practice in Africa.


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For candidates and employers alike, it is essential to be able to attest to these skills. There is a real and growing need for companies in all sectors to value their staff and certify their skills. These certifications enable you :

For candidates :

  • benefit from a skills upgrade
  • Have their skills officially recognized by institutions
  • Stand out in the job market and promote their value 

For companies:

  • Set in motion a qualitative and measurable approach to skills enhancement that pulls all teams upwards
  • Create a means of motivating & retaining resources by offering career development. 
  • Guarantee a match between the job and the skills required
  • Structure informal professional training
  • Align local training offerings with economic realities
  • Stand out in the market by benefiting from Apave Certification's reputation: a guarantee of quality, trust and legitimacy.

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Apave solutions

From electrician to boiler operator, from welder to maintenance agent, we deliver certification of technical skills in high-voltage professions. The validity of the certificate varies from one profession to another. In some cases, it is necessary to renew the certificate in order to update and guarantee the validation of skills, taking into account technical and regulatory advances in your sector of activity. 
The exam can be taken face-to-face or, in some cases, remotely, and will enable you to validate the blocks of skills required for your particular activity. Depending on the skills involved. 
As a certifying body, Apave issues skills certificates following an examination based on the latest training programs for each profession. More than a professional qualification, it's a real passport to employment.

Apave's expertise


Backed by a vast network of experts and consultants with multi-disciplinary know-how, and training centers located throughout Africa, we can organize simple or complementary skills certification sessions to suit your needs.

Our trainers can help you write the exams so that they reflect the realities of the field and the expectations of the market, whatever the sector. The level of qualification of our trainers/inspectors is a guarantee of quality for skills certification.

Are you looking for a recognized third-party certification body to help you draw up a certification framework?

As part of your HR development plan, Apave Certification offers you its expertise in co-constructing a customized skills certification reference framework.
The aim of this framework is to meet your needs in terms of :

  • Training and skills enhancement,
  • Talent management,
  • Change management,
  • Business transformation projects,
  • Enhancing business expertise.

A solid territorial network

in Africa

The Apave Group has been active on the African continent for over half a century. Today, we benefit from a solid territorial network, with local agencies in 17 African countries (Senegal, Cameroon, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tunisia, Morocco, Burkina Faso...).

Thanks to our highly mobile teams, we are able to cover the entire continent. This enables us to offer you tailor-made support for all your needs.

Your questions

  • What is a certificate of competence?

    This document proves that a person has the skills required to practice a specialized trade in his or her country. It means that they have passed a certification examination and meet all the requirements to practice their trade.
    This document is issued by an independent third-party certifying body recognized by the institutions.
  • Comment obtenir un certificat de compétences ? 

    Certifications and habilitations correspond to professional skills that are complementary to professional certifications.

    •    - Entitlements correspond to the legal and regulatory obligations that are essential for the exercise of a profession or professional activity.
    •    - Cross-disciplinary skills certifications.
    •    - Certifications of competencies complementary to a profession enable the acquisition of techniques or methods relating to a profession.

      You need to apply to an organization issuing these certifications in advance of the training course, so that the end of the course can coincide with the validation exam.
  • Quelles sont les certifications reconnues ?

    All skills certifications issued by Apave are recognized. Validation of the exam certifies that the employee or job seeker has acquired skills that will enable him or her to develop his or her career.
  • How does the exam work?

    The examination is sometimes divided into 2 parts:

    •      - The theoretical examination, in the form of multiple-choice questions lasting around an hour, covers the requirements of the "competence" decree.
    •      - The practical exam puts the candidate in an individual situation, based on elements given and presented by the examiner. It tests the candidate's ability to assess the performance and sizing of a thermodynamic system, to carry out an inspection and to write a report.

    In some cases, this examination may be supplemented by a personal interview.

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