Polluted Sites and Soils

Industrial activities can pollute sites and soils, and measures must be taken to limit such pollution. Implementing systems and processes to effectively manage pollution risks on industrial sites is one way of protecting the environment and public health.

Apave can offer you its expertise in identifying the necessary actions in line with environmental regulations. Our support aims to control the risks associated with polluted sites, ensuring responsible operation in compliance with current standards.

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Thanks to its network of highly qualified experts with multidisciplinary know-how, Apave can help you to : 

  • Anticipate environmental risks in the context of a construction project, and verify compliance with the environmental impact study on completion of the work. 
  • Carry out tests and measurements as part of an environmental audit to comply with local regulatory requirements; 
  • Gain a better understanding of the environmental impact of your activity, so you can control it more effectively; 
  • Protect your employees, customers or users from exposure to physical, chemical or biological risks; 
  • Assess the environmental performance of your facilities and equipment;

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Apave solutions


At Apave, we can carry out environmental and geotechnical tests, measurements, analyses and sampling of all kinds to help you understand and control the impact of your activity on the environment: 

  • Indoor and outdoor air quality analyses;  
  • Soil, wastewater and waste analysis; 
  • Hydraulic testing (sanitary and industrial water, boiler water, cooling water, process water, etc.); 
  • Pollution measurements; 
  • Mining prospecting ; 
  • Atmospheric discharge measurements; 
  • Materials assessments; 
  • Measurements and tests on your industrial equipment (climatic and mechanical tests, etc.); 
  • Geotechnical testing (sampling, coring, measurement and qualification of materials); 
  • Industrial noise and vibration measurements; 
  • Plating stress measurements and tests on oils to assess their resistance; 
  • ... 

Apave's expertise

      As a third-party organization authorized to carry out all types of geotechnical and environmental testing, Apave in Africa is a trusted partner to help you assess and control the environmental impact of your activity, and take action to protect the planet. One of our key differentiating strengths is the use of state-of-the-art equipment and tools, such as drone-based testing and measurement. Apave in Africa also boasts a team of highly qualified experts who are fully aware of the regulatory and technical constraints specific to your sector of activity. We also have 18 industrial test centers to analyze the results of the samples we take. 

Our locations

A solid territorial network in Africa

The Apave Group has been active on the African continent for over half a century. Today, we benefit from a solid territorial network, with local agencies in 17 African countries (Senegal, Cameroon, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tunisia, Morocco, Burkina Faso...).

Thanks to our highly mobile teams, we are able to cover the entire continent. This enables us to offer you tailor-made support for all your needs.
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  • When should environmental analyses, measurements and tests be carried out?

    In the face of today's climatic challenges, environmental testing is essential to control the impact of an industrial activity on the environment. This action, which can be part of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, is also an excellent way of reinforcing your brand image, protecting your company's reputation and combating greenwashing. You can request environmental analysis, testing and measurement services at any time: during project design, to ensure environmentally-friendly construction, and throughout site operation.
  • What tools do you have to carry out environmental measurements and tests?

    Always driven by a strong desire to innovate, we make a point of equipping ourselves with modern, state-of-the-art tools. For example, we are able to carry out tests and measurements using drones (for access to restricted spaces or high-rise structures, for example). This ensures that our services are carried out in record time, with the highest levels of precision.
  • Are your teams certified and authorized to carry out environmental tests and measurements?

    Apave en Afrique is a certified third-party organization authorized to carry out all types of geotechnical, industrial and environmental analyses and tests. This is the guarantee of services carried out in compliance with local regulatory requirements, with the utmost transparency and probity.
  • On what types of sites can you carry out environmental tests and measurements?

    Thanks to our multi-sector expertise, we have a thorough understanding of the specific issues at stake in your business sector, whatever it may be (nuclear, agri-food, transport...). We can also carry out tests and measurements on all types of sites and structures: engineering structures (bridges, tunnels, roads, etc.); industrial equipment (machines, generators, transformers, electrical networks, etc.); commercial and industrial buildings, public establishments, etc.
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Polluted Sites and Soils


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