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Every organization, whatever its sector of activity, has to meet multiple organizational challenges, such as providing a quality offering in line with customer expectations, controlling its environmental impact, and ensuring the health and safety of its workers. 

To achieve this, optimizing management systems is a prerequisite for ensuring the highest levels of quality, performance and operational efficiency at all levels of the company. Apave in Africa offers a tailor-made consultancy and organizational support service to optimize all your company's management systems, whatever your issues and business sector.

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Apave offers you 360° support to optimize all your organization's management systems: 

Depending on your needs and issues, we can carry out audits and diagnoses on your processes, equipment, facilities and buildings, and provide you with expert know-how to help you optimize your management systems

We also offer ISO certification of management systems, enabling you to attest the conformity and effectiveness of your practices to your customers and other stakeholders.

Apave's expertise

     Backed by a vast network of experts and consultants with multi-disciplinary know-how, we are committed to delivering high-quality consulting and support services, with a transparent and impartial view of your management systems. Our teams, with their multi-sector expertise, are fully aware of the organizational challenges specific to your sector, and can offer you consulting on how to optimize your management systems to suit your business.


Your questions

  • What are the different corporate management systems?

    A management system is the set of methods and processes implemented by a company to manage its business and achieve its objectives. Traditionally, a management system follows the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act - plan, implement, review, improve), and is based on a systematic, continuous improvement approach. There are various types of management system: quality management, environmental management, energy management, occupational health and safety, information security, sustainable development management, etc. Each of these management systems corresponds to an international ISO standard, which defines the main management principles of each management system.
  • What are the principles of a quality management system (QMS)?

    The Quality Management System (QMS) is governed by the ISO 9001 standard, which identifies the following 7 key principles:

         1 - Customer orientation: the QMS must be implemented in such a way as to satisfy and retain customers.

         2 - Management responsibility and leadership to transmit the vision, values and culture of quality to teams

         3 - Employee involvement: employees must be encouraged and made accountable for their compliance with the quality approach.

         4 - The process approach: different activities must be considered as interrelated and interdependent processes.

         5 - Continuous improvement, to constantly optimize quality and performance levels.

         6 - Evidence-based decision-making: every decision must be based on objective, reliable data, to be analyzed pragmatically.

         7 - Management of relations with interested parties: we need to ensure good understanding and communication with the various external parties (service providers, suppliers, shareholders, etc.).
  • Why get support in improving your management systems?

    Obtaining support to improve your company's management systems is a powerful lever for optimizing the overall performance of the company, a business unit, a production site, a subsidiary... 

    Optimizing organizational management systems makes it possible to:

    •      - Reduce errors
    •      - Identify, assess and control risks
    •      - Meet stakeholder requirements
    •      - Implement structured, optimized and harmonized procedures throughout the company
    •      - Improve customer satisfaction
    •      - Strengthen competitive advantage
    •      - Enhance operational efficiency
    •      - Reduce costs linked to lack of process optimization, energy expenditure, product non-quality, etc.
    •      - Identify sources of malfunction and areas for improvement
    •      - Improve worker health and safety
    •      - Reduce the environmental impact of operations
    •      - Reinforce control of health risks
    •      - ...
  • Who can benefit from your consulting and organizational support services for management systems?

    Our consulting and organizational support services are aimed at all organizations, public and private, committed to implementing or optimizing their management systems. With our multi-sector expertise, we can intervene in all types of business sectors (nuclear, tertiary, healthcare, local authorities, aeronautics, agri-food, etc.). You'll be accompanied by an expert in your field, perfectly familiar with the organizational challenges associated with your activity and the specific features of the market concerned.
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For more than 60 years, we have been committed to supporting you to achieve industrial performance and the digitisation of proceeses. Our multi-skilled team is capable of effectively addressing all your risk management challenges.


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