Technical training in work safety

Train your employees and raise their awareness of risk prevention in the workplace, to ensure that everyone is safe at all times.


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technical training
technical training
Today, it is estimated that nearly 8 out of 10 undesirable events linked to safety in the workplace are caused by "behavioural problems" (bad habits, risk-taking, failure to comply with rules, lack of reflection, etc.). 

Whatever your sector of activity, controlling occupational risks and establishing a well thought-out, rigorous health and safety culture must be a top priority. 

Employers are required by law to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the health of their employees. This inevitably involves training employees to manage the risks that may arise in their working environment (fire safety, accidents, chemical risks, etc.). Such training is essential to enable your teams to adopt the right gestures and appropriate behaviour in the event of exposure to a risk that threatens their safety.

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Apave solutions


Apave in Africa offers a range of technical training courses on safety at work to prevent all types of occupational risks within your organisation:

Apave's expertise

    With its extensive network of trainers, independent stance and multi-sector expertise, Apave in Africa offers you tailor-made training solutions that are perfectly aligned with the specific occupational hazards of your business, your building, your working environment and the reality on the ground. 

We are at your side to provide long-term training for your employees in the management and control of occupational risks, whatever your sector of activity and whatever your objective (strengthening your safety culture; meeting regulatory requirements; optimising your operational performance, etc.).

In addition to training, Aapve offers you a wide range of complementary services to enhance the overall safety of people and property within your company: consulting and technical support, diagnostics, tests, measurements and assessments, etc. 

Technical training in work safety

Your questions

about our training courses

  • What training should I choose to ensure the safety of my employees?

    The choice of workplace safety training depends on a number of factors, including your sector of activity, your operational reality, your regulatory obligations, your employees' current level of safety training, etc. To choose the right training, you first need to analyse the main types of occupational risk to which your teams are exposed on a daily basis.
  • What are the different types of risk at work?

    Depending on the activity carried out, the working environment, the geographical location and the size of the company, different types of risks may arise in the workplace, such as :

    • - Chemical risks (asbestos, lead, smoke, liquids, gases, pesticides, flammable products, transport of hazardous materials, etc.)
    • - Biological risks (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.)
    • - Fire risks
    • - Noise-related risks in the workplace
    • - Electrical risks
    • - Mechanical handling and lifting risks
    • - Risks associated with the use of machines and installations
    • - ...


    It is up to the head of the establishment to analyse these potential risks and put in place preventive measures to reduce and control them on a daily basis.

  • What other measures can be put in place to help prevent health and safety risks in the workplace?

    Preventing health and safety risks in the workplace must be part of a comprehensive approach. In addition to employee training, the company must in particular:

    • - Implement a health and safety policy to achieve zero accidents
    • - Structure, organise and define the means of preventing risks specific to the activity and to each workstation
    • - Assume its responsibilities towards its employees
    • - Comply with its regulatory obligations
    • - Monitor key indicators (severity and frequency of accidents) and measure the impact of actions taken
    • - Integrate a commitment to safety as a core value at the heart of the company's culture and as a performance driver for the company
    • - Ensure the operational safety of teams at managerial level
    • - Carrying out inspections of fire equipment, electrical installations, etc., by an authorised body
    • - Guarantee the safety of the premises
    • - ....
  • Who is your workplace safety training aimed at?

    At Apave, we have a wealth of multi-sector expertise. Thanks to our vast network of trainers and experts, we are able to provide support to public and private organisations in all sectors of activity: agri-food, nuclear, aeronautics, rail, health, etc. Our teams of professionals, perfectly familiar with the issues and regulatory obligations specific to your sector, provide you with individual support tailored to your needs.
  • Where do your training courses take place?

    The training courses offered by Apave in Africa can take place face-to-face, on the customer's site or in one of our various training centres. They can take the form of workshops, board games, virtual visits to different work environments, serious games, etc. We also offer 100% digital training, as well as blended learning, which combines digital and face-to-face training.


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