Qualification of welders and operating procedures

Certify the know-how of your welders by obtaining qualifications from Apave en Afrique, an approved third-party organisation. 

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in Welder Qualification and Operating Procedures

welders operating
welders operating
Would you like to have your welders' skills validated and your welding procedures checked? Welders are essential to the manufacture of a wide range of structures (metal structures, lifting equipment, scaffolding, piping, etc.), and their qualifications are vital to ensure the solidity, reliability and strength of your constructions.

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Apave solutions


Apave in Africa offers you the expertise of qualified inspectors to carry out :

  • Qualification of welders (QS)
  • Qualification of welding procedures (QMOS)


As an approved third-party organisation, we are authorised to certify the skills of your teams and validate your welding processes. 

We can also inspect welds by radiography, ultrasound, dye penetrant inspection or magnetic particle inspection, on all your equipment and installations (piping, storage tanks, mechanical and lifting equipment, pressure equipment, etc.).

Apave's expertise

    With a vast pool of seasoned experts who share the same values (probity, integrity, rigour, responsiveness, etc.), we are committed to checking the qualifications of your welders and your welding procedures with the utmost probity. In addition to their independent viewpoint and sense of ethics, our inspectors have solid technical expertise and a perfect command of the standards, codes and requirements specific to the structure concerned and the country of operation. This guarantees a reliable, serious and compliant inspection, to ensure the safety and strength of all your products. 

Qualification of welders and operating procedures

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