AGTS Senegal contributes to the preparation of the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games

Top News08/16/2023
AGTS, an Apave Group subsidiary specialising in geotechnics, topography, bathymetry and geophysics, has signed a contract as part of a project to refurbish Senegal's sports facilities in preparation for the 4th Youth Olympic Games, to be held in Dakar from 31 October to 13 November 2026.

A major strategic project

The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) are a high-level sporting event for talented young athletes aged 15-18 from around the world. These Games are different from other youth sporting events in that they also incorporate a series of educational activities focusing on three areas: athlete protection, performance work and helping athletes outside sport. The Youth Olympic Games include new test disciplines for the Olympic Games.


The 4th Summer Youth Olympic Games will be held in Dakar, Senegal, the first country on the African continent to have the honour of hosting an Olympic sporting event. Dakar 2026 was born of the desire to bring the Youth Olympic Games to every part of the world and to place the Games at the heart of Africa's transformation. Senegal's sporting culture and practice are rooted in history and in the population, particularly among young people.


In order to host the 2026 Youth Olympic Games, the State of Senegal has undertaken work to improve and upgrade sports facilities. These areas are located in the three cities selected to host the Youth Olympic Games:

  • Dakar for the sporting events
  • Diamniadio for the Olympic Village and the competitive and training sports events
  • Saly for the water sports events.

What tasks have we been given?

AGTS is responsible for carrying out geotechnical and hydrogeological studies on 3 sites:

  • The Iba Mar Diop stadium, in the heart of Dakar
  • The National Olympic Swimming Pool in the Egg Tower
  • The Samba Diéry Diallo barracks


These geotechnical and hydrogeological studies aim to :

  • Determine the mechanical characteristics of the ground that will support sports facilities such as bleachers and sports installations
  • Assess the natural risks identified in the project area and their impact on future construction or redevelopment, in particular the risk of collapse in the presence of underground watercourses or seismic risks.


The AGTS teams will carry out a soil survey on each site concerned, determining the piezometric level and the initial mechanical characteristics (apparent resistance) of the soil. Our experts will then be able to pass on their findings to SETEC Infrastructures Afrique's project owners and project managers, so that they can take the necessary measures when work is underway to anticipate any risk to the infrastructure. It is in this context that the Apave Group's ambition "Our business: Enabling our customers to do theirs safely" takes on its full meaning.

Key figures for

Apave in Senegal

With Apave Sahel's activities in inspection, training, certification, consultancy and technical support, and AGTS's activities in testing and measurement and geotechnics:

  • 10.2 M€ turnover
  • 7 locations
  • 220 employees
  • 2000+ customers

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