Apave Mauritius obtains ISO 17020 accreditation

Apave Île Maurice is proud to be Cofrac accredited for third-party technical inspections in the design/construction phase. Our inspectors will now be able to check the soundness of structures and infrastructures. Inspecting the design or execution of a construction or renovation project guarantees not only the soundness of the structure, but also the safety of occupants, accessibility for the disabled, and its energy and acoustic performance. As a specialist in risk management, Apave can now work in this field as a certified inspection office.

After several months of hard work, our Apave Mauritius teams have obtained Cofrac accreditation for third-party technical inspections, in the design - construction phase, in accordance with the Construction Industry Development Council Act and the applicable regulations, and following the NF EN ISO/CEI 17020 standard. The inspections concern the soundness of construction works and related equipment.


This accreditation marks a crucial step in the development of Apave's activities in Mauritius. As a third-party certifier, Apave Mauritius will be able to assist clients with :

  • Technical inspection services to obtain ten-year liability insurance (garantie décennale)
  • Ensuring that buildings comply with standards and regulations
  • Identifying and mitigating technical hazards and risks.


We remind you that a faulty design or construction can have major consequences for the solidity of the structure, the safety of future occupants, accessibility for people with reduced mobility and energy efficiency, to name but a few...


Mauritius is booming in the construction and public works sector, with 8,000 housing units on order for 2023. Despite rising prices for cement, iron and other materials, public and private orders are not falling - on the contrary.

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