Our certification activities are expanding in Senegal!

Certification, one of our five main business lines, is expanding rapidly at Apave, with the recruitment of clients in a variety of fields. Like our other business lines, Apave Africa is in the process of building up a number of excellent references.  With this in mind, our teams in Senegal are continuing to develop this business and have just certified Talents Consulting, after launching certification activities in 2021.

The project

As part of its quality approach, Talent Consulting has called on Apave Sahel to certify their quality management system. Talent Consulting is a Dakar-based consultancy specialising in the transformation of processes and information systems, organisational audit and consultancy, and the definition of IT master plans.

Certification assignments

entrusted to Apave


The Apave Sahel teams carried out an initial ISO 9001 audit during this 3-day mission. At the end of the audit, we certified Talents Consulting for a period of 3 years.


ISO certification is one of the surest ways of boosting customer satisfaction by improving process control. This makes the product or service offered more efficient and reliable. It also helps to increase the number of suppliers, as many only wish to do business with certified structures.

Apave Sahel is thus beginning to make its mark in the field of certification in Senegal and surrounding countries.

Led by Marie Diouf LA, the local certification team is making inroads into the certification scene in its area of operation, namely Mali, Mauritania, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Cape Verde and Nigeria.


So there are some exciting prospects on the horizon. Our certification teams are ready to offer you the very best in certification.

Key figures for

Apave in Senegal

With Apave Sahel's activities in inspection, training, certification, consultancy and technical support, and AGTS's activities in testing and measurement and geotechnics:

  • 10.2 M€ turnover
  • 7 locations
  • 220 employees
  • 2000+ customers

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