Non-Destructive Testing methods

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) uses special methods and equipment to study structural variations, surface finishes, and detect cracks or other physical discontinuities without damaging the object. Our experts use state-of-the-art processes to gather information without compromising the integrity of the structure or object inspected.

The issues

of Non Destructive Testing


NDT is of crucial importance in various fields in Africa, as it helps to meet a number of challenges:

  • Ensuring product integrity and reliability
  • Prevent accidents and save lives
  • Contribute to product design
  • Control manufacturing processes
  • Reduce production costs
  • Maintain a uniform level of quality

NDT methods are varied, each presenting specific advantages and limitations depending on the applications and materials involved.

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Apave methods

for Non Destructive Testing

X-ray and gamma radiography

Radiography (X-rays and gamma rays) provides images of objects using radiation-sensitive films or detectors. This method detects internal and surface defects, confirming the presence of hidden parts in an assembly and enabling the inspection of complex structures without dismantling them.


Ultrasound is used to locate surface and subsurface defects in metals, steel products, plastics, wood and more. They can also be used to measure the thickness of materials and characterize their properties based on the speed and attenuation of sound.

Magnetoscopy (Magnetic)

Magnetic testing detects discontinuities in ferromagnetic parts such as iron, steel, nickel, cobalt and their alloys. This method is ideal for locating cracks, surface defects and near-surface discontinuities.

Dye Penetrant Testing

Dye penetrant testing is used to identify cracks, porosity and other defects that break the surface of a material. It can detect discontinuities of various sizes, from large to microscopic, and works effectively on most non-porous materials.

Eddy current

Eddy current is used to detect cracks, surface defects, delamination and corrosion on conductive materials such as metals. This method is particularly suitable for inspecting tubes, pipes and complex surfaces.

Phased Array Ultrasonics

Phased Array Ultrasonics is an advanced NDT technique using a set of ultrasonic elements that generate controllable sound beams. This method enables rapid and accurate inspection of materials, effectively detecting internal and surface defects.

Floorscan MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage)

Floorscan MFL uses powerful magnets and magnetic sensors to detect leaks and surface defects in storage tanks, vessels and metal piping. This method is particularly suitable for inspections over large areas.

ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement)

ACFM is an NDT method used to detect cracks and surface defects in ferromagnetic materials. It offers high sensitivity and is often used in harsh industrial environments.

TOFD (Time Of Flight Diffraction)

The TOFD technique is a computerized, automated system for weld inspection, capable of scanning, storing and evaluating indications in terms of height, length and position with a precision never achieved by other ultrasonic techniques.


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Our teams of trained experts are skilled in the use of the latest NDT technologies, ensuring accurate detection of defects and discontinuities. We also offer NDT training and consultancy services to enhance your teams' skills and set up procedures and systems that comply with current standards.

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