Safety of people and property on construction sites (SPS)

Owners, operators and managers, ensure the safety of people and property on your construction sites at all times, at every phase of your project.


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the safety of people and property on your sites

Any construction, renovation or demolition site brings together a large number of independent players who work together on a daily basis, often under precarious conditions. That's why it's vital to prevent the risk of accidents arising from this co-activity, right from the pre-project phase and throughout the works.


We can help you assess, anticipate and manage occupational, technical and human risks on your sites, through CSPS (Health and Safety Protection Coordination) assignments and other targeted expertise.

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Apave works with you throughout Africa, from the project design stage and throughout the works, to help you manage occupational and technical risks on your sites. Tailored to your needs, we can activate various levers at each phase of the worksite to ensure the ongoing health and safety of your workers:


Thanks to our many locations across the continent, we are able to operate throughout Africa, whatever the nature of the project (construction, fit-out, renovation, demolition, rehabilitation, etc.).

Apave's expertise


Backed by a large network of seasoned experts, an independent viewpoint and a sound knowledge of local regulations, we can offer you a fast, customised, high-quality service. Over the years, we have also developed sector-specific expertise in a wide range of industries (nuclear, oil & gas, renewable energies, aeronautics, agri-food, etc.). As a result, whatever your trade, you benefit from know-how that is perfectly adapted to the challenges, requirements and specific features of your field of expertise.

Apave in Africa has worked with key players in the African market to ensure the health and safety of people and property on major construction sites. For example, we worked with the Ministry of Infrastructure on the construction of the Ouagadougou North Interchange in Burkina Faso, comprising 10 engineering structures, 22 km of roads and a diversion canal. 

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A solid territorial network in Africa

The Apave Group has been active on the African continent for over half a century. Today, we benefit from a solid territorial network, with local agencies in 17 African countries (Senegal, Cameroon, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tunisia, Morocco, Burkina Faso...).

Thanks to our highly mobile teams, we are able to cover the entire continent. This enables us to offer you tailor-made support for all your needs.
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Your questions about

CSPS missions

  • What is an SPS coordinator?

    The role of the SPS (Health and Safety Protection) coordinator is to identify and anticipate the risks associated with the co-activity of several players on construction sites. Many independent professionals and companies often work simultaneously on a construction project. This means that rigorous, calibrated coordination, cooperation and planning are constantly required to prevent human risks: this is the role of the CSPS.
  • What are the duties of an SPS coordinator?

    In particular, the CSPS will be responsible for implementing risk prevention measures, carrying out individual inspections for each company and drawing up a general coordination plan. In consultation with the project owner, it will also establish general safety instructions to be followed by workers on site. As early as the project design phase, it also establishes the measures, provisions and general principles of prevention designed to facilitate and ensure the safety of future interventions by the various players involved in the project.
  • What types of site can we work on?

    We can assign an SPS coordinator to any type of site involving several independent professionals: development sites, building or civil engineering sites, renovation, demolition or rehabilitation projects, etc. The sites may involve engineering structures, collective or individual residential buildings, high-rise or very high-rise buildings, industrial sites, tourist, leisure or service residences, etc. We can operate throughout Africa, in some forty countries. We can operate throughout Africa, in some forty countries.
  • Why call in a CSPS?

    Calling in a CSPS is a prerequisite for ensuring the safety of people and property on your worksites, and for controlling the many occupational hazards associated with such projects. Whatever the scale of the work, SPS coordination helps to protect the health and safety of workers and considerably reduce the risk of accidents.
  • When should an SPS assignment be carried out?

    It is strongly recommended that an SPS mission be carried out systematically for any worksite requiring the intervention, simultaneously or successively, of several companies. It is also essential to call in a CSPS as far upstream as possible, from the preliminary design stage.
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