Support for the management of real estate assets

Whether you're an investor, developer, asset manager or project owner, we can provide you with tailored, local support to help you secure, optimise and enhance the management of your property assets.


Your challenges

in Property Management


Do you want to assess the condition of your property assets? Carry out diagnostics and audits to secure a major property transaction? Check the solidity and conformity of your buildings?


Whatever your objective, Apave in Africa can support you throughout the life cycle of your property to ensure its long-term survival. Our teams, experienced in large-scale projects in a variety of contexts, can help you put the control of human, environmental and technical risks at the heart of the management of your real estate assets.

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Apave solutions


Our teams of experts are at your side at every stage in the management of your property assets: project analysis, design, construction, operation, rehabilitation, deconstruction, etc. 

We offer a wide range of tailor-made, on-demand solutions to meet all your needs:



With Apave in Africa, you benefit from an independent, informed view of the proposals put forward by designers and builders. Our teams can help you assess and prevent risks related to: health and safety protection for people on construction sites; the solidity of your structures and equipment; the energy performance, accessibility and safety of your buildings, etc.

Apave in Africa

a privileged independent partner in the management of your real estate assets

     Apave in Africa is part of a group that has been a leader in risk management for over 150 years. As a third-party organisation, we provide you with an independent view, with the utmost transparency and probity, to help you better understand, enhance and maintain your property assets. Listening, a commitment to quality and integrity are the values that characterise us and that we apply to each and every one of our assignments. 

We have worked with many of Africa's leading property companies, including:

Eifface-Civil Bouygue-immoKoffi-Diabaté Lafarge-Holcim  Sertem  



A solid territorial network

in Africa

The Apave Group has been active on the African continent for over half a century. Today, we benefit from a solid territorial network, with local agencies in 17 African countries (Senegal, Cameroon, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tunisia, Morocco, Burkina Faso...).

Thanks to our highly mobile teams, we are able to cover the entire continent. This enables us to offer you tailor-made support for all your needs.

Your questions

about our property management support

  • What types of property can you help me with?

    Thanks to our multi-sector know-how, our many years of experience and our vast pool of expertise, we can work with you on all types of property projects: collective and individual housing; commercial property (offices, shops, etc.); very tall buildings; service, tourist or leisure residences; industrial buildings; health and medico-social establishments (EHPAD, hospitals, etc.)... Our multidisciplinary teams quickly identify the issues and challenges specific to the type of property and your sector, in order to offer you services tailored as closely as possible to your needs.
  • How can you help me optimise the management of my property assets?

    Managing a property portfolio means knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each building inside out. As an independent body, Apave offers you a comprehensive view of the condition of your assets, through tailor-made services. Thanks to this support, you will have all the information you need to make informed decisions about the management and operation of your property assets.
  • What risks should I be aware of when managing my property assets?

    Today's property managers face many challenges and issues. They have to prevent and control risks:

    • - Human: safety and health protection of workers on building sites, customers and building users, etc.
    • - Technical: soundness of structures, quality and performance of equipment and installations, etc.
    • - Regulatory: compliance with local legal requirements and standards.
    • - Environmental: in the face of the climate emergency, sustainable construction, energy performance and reducing carbon impact are key issues for the construction industry today.
  • At what stage of the property project can we intervene?

    We make it a point of honour to support you throughout the life cycle of your structures and buildings. You can call on our services at any stage in the development of your property project: at the planning stage, during the design phase, during construction or on handover. Depending on the timing of the intervention, the maturity of the project and your needs, we will offer you tailored support.  
  • Who is your property management support aimed at?

    Our property management support services are aimed at all players in the public and private sectors: companies, local authorities, asset managers, operators, developers, manufacturers, etc. Our multi-sector expertise, built up over several decades working with major players in the African market, means we can operate in all sectors of activity (aeronautics, nuclear, service sector, industrial, agri-food, etc.).
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Support for the management of real estate assets


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For more than 60 years, we have been committed to supporting you to achieve industrial performance and the digitisation of proceeses. Our multi-skilled team is capable of effectively addressing all your risk management challenges.


We are seasoned professionals in our fields and we offer you high-level technical expertise to control technical, human, environmental, digital and technological risks. For more than 150 years, Apave's experts have been providing consultancy services and customised solutions to meet our customers' needs.


Our strong presence in Africa means we can quickly respond to all your requests, whatever your needs: inspection, training, consultancy, tests and measurement, etc.

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