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Anticipate and control fire risks in your industrial, service or public buildings to ensure the safety of your users, employees and customers. From fire detection systems to prevention plans, Apave can help you with every aspect of fire risk prevention.


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Apave employee inspects a fire extinguisher
Apave employee inspects a fire extinguisher

Whatever your sector of activity and whatever your building, it's vital to prevent and control fire risks within your establishment. Complying with fire regulations and the Labour Code is essential. This means carrying out regular inspections, by authorised professionals, throughout the site's operation.


In addition to regulatory issues, fire prevention is also a major human issue: it is the responsibility of the manager to ensure a comprehensive approach to fire risk prevention in order to protect the safety of people and property on the site, whether your facilities are classified (Explosive Atmosphere - ATEX), ERP or for office use.

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Apave in Africa offers you tailor-made support in fire prevention, adapted to the requirements and particularities of your sector of activity and your building (ERP, IGH, etc.).
We offer a range of fire prevention services, including:

  • Fire safety and evacuation training
  • Checks on your fire safety installations (extinguishers for all types of agents, fire classes and risk classes, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, fire hydrants, alarms, fire taps, etc.) 
  • Checks on the overall fire prevention approach within the establishment (site fire protection, fire-fighting measures, evacuation procedures, etc.)
  • Verification of regulatory compliance specific to your sector of activity and your site
  • Testing and inspection of smoke extraction systems (dry and wet columns)
  • Approval of pre-construction studies and monitoring during construction, to ensure that fire risks are controlled and prevented
  • Technical assistance on fire safety
  • Fire simulation exercises to test your reactions, your evacuation plan, the locking of your emergency exits, etc.


Apave in Africa can help you put in place effective fire protection measures, raise awareness among your employees, comply with local regulations and ensure that fire risks are perfectly controlled at all times.

Apave's expertise

    Apave in Africa has a solid network of 800 experts with extensive experience in risk management and a track record of working with major players across the continent. We also draw on the strength of a leading group with over 150 years of risk management expertise. 
We are committed to providing a fast, tailor-made service, perfectly adapted to your needs and to the specific challenges of your business sector, your country and your building, with seasoned professionals equipped with state-of-the-art inspection tools. 

Our locations

A solid territorial network in Africa

The Apave Group has been active on the African continent for over half a century. Today, we benefit from a solid territorial network, with local agencies in 17 African countries (Senegal, Cameroon, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tunisia, Morocco, Burkina Faso...).

Thanks to our highly mobile teams, we are able to cover the entire continent. This enables us to offer you tailor-made support for all your needs.
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Your questions

about fire prevention

  • What preventive measures are included in the fire safety and protection plan?

    A fire prevention approach involves the implementation of several actions that meet 4 main principles:

    • Set up public evacuation systems: clearances, signposting of emergency exits, lit access routes, escape routes, opening of doors to the outside, smoke extraction, etc.
    • Anticipate fire risk management through : 
      • Drawing up a fire safety plan
      • Installing high-performance equipment that is regularly checked (fire extinguishers for all types of fire, sprinklers, smoke detectors, ventilation checks, etc.)
      • Setting up training and simulation exercises
      • Eliminating the causes of fire outbreaks (combustible products and flammable sources, etc.)
    • Limiting the spread of fire by providing fire extinguishers close to areas at risk and installing automatic extinguishing systems, fire doors, sprinklers, etc.
    • Facilitate the intervention of emergency services in the event of a fire: the slightest obstacle during the intervention of emergency services can cause a delay that can have very damaging consequences.
  • When do you need to carry out checks to anticipate and prevent fire risks and comply with current regulations?

    Fire risk prevention must be anticipated right from the design stage. The pre-project phase must take into account fire risk management issues (choice of materials, site layout, structural stability, clearances, smoke extraction, etc.). Periodic inspections must then be carried out by experts to ensure the performance of the equipment and the fire risk management process.
  • What are the different sources of fire risk?

    Within a building, there are several sources of ignition:

    • Energetic sources of ignition (thermal - hot surfaces, heating appliances, work with hot spots, etc.; electrical - overloads on electrical networks, overheating, non-compliant installations, etc.; chemical, gas - argon, nitrogen, etc.).
    • Natural sources of ignition (climatic - sun, lightning, etc.; bacteriological, etc.)
    • Human causes of fire (negligence, smoking, malicious acts, etc.)
  • Who is responsible for fire prevention in a company?

    Within a company, it is the responsibility of the company director to ensure that fire prevention measures have been put in place, and that employees are trained in evacuation procedures and familiar with what to do in the event of a fire. The employer must therefore make special arrangements for the company's staff, from the construction of the premises to safety instructions and the maintenance of fixed fire extinguishing systems.
  • Who can benefit from our fire prevention services?

    Our fire prevention services are aimed at all types of players, whatever the type of building concerned: ERP, residential building, industrial site, public establishment, IGH (high-rise building), ITGH (very high-rise building), etc. Thanks to our multi-sector expertise, we are also familiar with all the regulatory requirements specific to your sector.
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